My Life In Pictures: February 2013

Hello, my lovely followers. I haven’t posted in a while. I’m a busy person and unfortunately, I can’t post every day of my life like I would like. Below, I’m posting a few pictures to show you all what’s been going on, on top of weird things I like and do.

ImageThis is mango lemonade from the restaurant, Cafeteria, on Newbury St. Amazing.



This is me and my best friend, Sonia.



This is my ugly communications project. Clearly, I can’t cut hands.



This is a scary hawk I saw sitting outside my school.



This is me by myself in Starbucks drinking green tea. Yum.


This is me and my roommate, Maria Elisa, at our school’s soirée.

ImageThis is what I order when I visit Trident Bookstore & Cafe on Newbury St: scrambled eggs with salmon and chives with a bagel. The best place on Newbury.


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